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SOILE YLI-MÄYRY of Finland, Doctor, a painter for more than 40 years, makes her paintings by using a palette knife. She uses paint in three ways: a thin, even coat, thick lines and by scraping lines into the painted area, for a three-dimensional look. The main theme in Yli-Mäyry’s work is humanity and people’s alienation from nature in the urban world. Since her arts studies at the Arts Academy in Stuttgart in Germany (1972-75) she has had in 30 countries about 300 solo exhibitions in Japan, in China, in India, in Latin America, in the United States and in many countries in Europe.

Burning Heart, 100x130 cm, Oil, 2016

Captured Shadow, 65x54 cm, Oil, 2016

Masonry Shadow, 180x330 cm, Oil, 2016

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Open daily at summertime 12-17.


Hynniläntie 18,

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Sundays 12-17


Erkontie 8, FIN-16300 Orimattila

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